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Serial entrepreneur, professor and trusted advisor. Author of two best sellers. Pioneer of leading edge implementation of just humanism and innovation within organizations. Active media contributor. Creator of the IpOp model, the MicroMBA/AgilityBooster and the score of engagement. Academic director of the “Entrepreneurial Leadership” specialization at the University of Geneva’s EMBA.

Serial entrepreneur, business angel, professor and author of the best seller “Winning Opportunities”, Raphaël H Cohen is known as one of the world’s leading experts in entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship, employee engagement and corporate governance.

His latest book “Levers of Engagement” maps the levers of just and humanistic leadership, as well as a simple and novel way to measure an executive’s level of leadership, which, in turn, brings about a paradigm shift in terms of how people are managed.

Creator of the famous IpOp model, he has coached more than 280 intrapreneurial projects since he started helping companies boost their bottom-up innovation capabilities. The rigor of his pre-project analysis tools has enabled many companies to improve the success rate of their innovations and to take better advantage of disruptions in technological or business models. He is considered to be one of the leading experts in intrapreneurship worldwide.

Raphaël H Cohen currently provides or has provided services to many iconic companies, such as Airbus, Nestlé, the French Post, Sanofi and Microsoft, in order to help them develop their agility, their innovation capabilities and the level of engagement of their teams. His tools are widely used by industrial companies, service providers and even the public sector.

As an expert in executive education, he helps senior executives master complexity with humor. Since 2001, he has been academic director of the “Entrepreneurial Leadership” specialization of the EMBA at the University of Geneva. He created the first entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship education programs at several prestigious schools, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). He also created the MicroMBA/AgilityBooster training programs, which lead participants to identify and implement real innovation projects for their organizations, that generate more revenue than the cost of the training. This customization of academic content to the practical needs of an organization increases the agility and innovation capabilities of its employees and their leadership skills.

As a key opinion-leader on equity and justice within organizations, he is often invited to explain how corporate governance can integrate fair humanistic and caring leadership.

His international career in various industries has given him a pragmatic, cross-disciplinary and intercultural approach that supports his mentoring of directors and executives. He is a regular contributor to leading publications, such as “Harvard Business Review” and “Forbes”.

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