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CH 1208 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: + (41) 22 346 9900
MicroMBA and Getratex


The program for high potentials that turns customized executive education into a profit center: each cohort delivers 4 to 6 real innovation projects that generate a good deal more income than the cost of the program. As such, it acts as an additional innovation channel that complements R&D, open innovation and other initiatives to promote innovation.

During the last 17 years, more than 280 projects have been generated by dozens of MicroMBA programs.


Participants learn in an entertaining way how to:

    • innovate and become change agents
    • deal and influence stakeholders
    • become agile and improve their resilience
    • identify and seize opportunities
    • break silos
    • expand their network
    • lead and maximize engagement
    • improve their team management skills

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